Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cigar Review: Graycliff Chateau Grand Cru

Time for another Graycliff! So I bought the Graycliff Top Ten Sampler from cigarbid.com, and the Chateau Grand Cru was the next in line to get smoked. What can I say, I love Graycliff cigars!

Right away you knew this was another great cigar. The presentations of these cigars are always flawless. I really admire the label on them; the Graycliff "G" has the power of the Nike Swoosh, but in the cigar world. Back to the actual cigar though, the wrapper is a fine Costa Rican leaf and filled with aged Honduras and Nicaragua tobaccos. This combination produces a nice sweet and rich flavor. It is filled with plenty of complex and subtle nuances as well. It was a little espresso, a little toast, and a little almond taste. The cigar was smooth and easy to smoke, but with all those nice flavors it really made for a delightful experience. This cigar was a pure joy to burn; the only problem is that hefty price tag. They are definitely not cheap, and their elegance may not be entirely worthy of that price tag. Other than that, it was a great cigar and worthy of praise. I rate this expensive little jewel a 9 of ten (I am an elastic consumer).

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