Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Sungrown

Like visiting an old friend, I am going back to my Rocky Patel cigars... I have had them at the bottom of my humidor for almost a year now and they are ready for a good smoke. As I was rummaging around the humidor, I spotted the RP Sungrown. I was smoking at a friends house and we lit it up, once again Rocky didn't disappoint. The cigar was heavy and smelled strong. It had a slow burning draw. I started smoking it and noticed its bold flavor and a very small amount of creamy sweetness on the tongue. I handed it to my buddy and he gasped at its spiciness! I went back and tried another puff looking for that spicy pepper taste he claimed. It was there when I focused on that taste, it is very interesting to see how the mind and mouth play along. I have become used to that peppery finish from the Graycliffs and some of the Ghurka's. The RP Sungrown just wasn't up to par.

I liked the cigar but it just wasn't my thing, too simple and plain. Sweet and spicy that was about it. If I tried really really hard I could identify that sweet taste as some legume like flavor, but that would be a stretch! Overall though great quality cigar, just not what I wanted at the time. I give it a 7.5.

Questions for YOU: Did you have a different experience with this cigar? If so, do share! 

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