Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Conneticut

Ahhhh...smoking a cigar is all about sitting back and relaxing, am I right?!

That means sometimes you just want a nice mellow smoke. Nothing too strong or intense, just an easy going cigar. I also don't like skimping on taste though. That is where a cigar like this shines.

 Rocky Patel really does a nice job with the more mellow smokes, but I also enjoy his full bodied smokes as well. This cigar had very nice construction, very few veins in the leaf and a perfect draw. It had a very light and pleasant taste of nuts. It became more earthy as you smoked but still very mild in body. The smoke was rich and creamy, and even though it was a mellow smoke, it presented the smoker with a great taste experience. I would recommend this to a blossoming cigar smoker as his anytime cigar. Really nice work here Rocky, my only complaint is that I would like to see a little more complexity ( I know that is hard with a mellow cigar). That is not the cigar's fault, it was made to be light. Overall, I give this cigar an 7 of 10.

Questions for YOU: What is your favorite mellow cigar?

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