Friday, October 16, 2009

Cigar Review: Saint Luis Rey-Reserva Especial

This was actually my buddies "go to cigar" as he calls it. A "go to cigar" is just that cigar you keep stocked at all times because of its lower price and quality. Meaning it is that little bang for your buck that can be stocked easily and smoked anytime for great results! I was really impressed with it! It had a nice little price tag and a full flavor of sweet nuances, toasted oatmeal, and a very small amount of pepper. Great burn and average draw but man....that taste was amazing for such an affordable cigar! You can get a 5 pack for 15 bucks. Here is a little history on this little guy too:

Now rolled in Honduras, this old Cuban brand returns once again.

Re-released...again! This exquisite cigar has been around the block and back again and again. After being manufactured in Cuba, then the Dominican Republic, Honduras may have produced the best Saint Luis Rey yet. Using a hefty blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran filler, this ’re-mastered’ cigar maintains the rich, full-bodied Saint Luis Rey experience that so many have enjoyed in the past. Wrapped in a thick, oily Nicaraguan leaf, this smooth robust smoke is a delight. Be sure to make some room in your humidor for this cool, slow burning, tasty treat.

I give the St. Luis an 8 of 10 for being that all around good cigar with that great price tag!
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  1. This has also become my "Go TO" Smoke. Love it. I smoke the Corona, Natural and it is a great smoke from start to finish. Smoke a lot of so called great smokes and I still go back to this. Worth the try. I give it a 10 of 10. Great taste from start to finish, perfect burn, draw and ash.