Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cigar Review: Ashton VSG

My colleague and fraternity alumni extraordinary got me this as a nice little gift and O' what a gift it was! I really liked my "normal" Ashtons so I was excited about this VSG. I really enjoy the Rocky Patel SunGrown and couldn't imagine the Ashton not performing as well.

I love Scotch and this is the Scotch of cigars. It had a lite peaty taste but it was a sweet sort of peat. It was neither too sweet nor bitter, bold nor mild, peppery nor bland, spicy nor boring, and well... it was just this great little blend of everything cigars should be! The smoke was a thick chewy smoke and it had excellent burn and draw. It was definitely one of my favorite cigars. I was very pleased to both have this given to me, and to enjoy such a fine cigar.

It was a complex taste too, started off a little mild and then burned a bit, and got a really sweet earthy taste going. I was really impressed, I give this little guy a solid 9 of 10!

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