Saturday, July 9, 2011

Scotch Review: Dalwhinnie 15

Age brings wisdom right?! My dad raves about Dalwhinnie and every time I let him taste my collection, he tells me of this whisky. I also recently signed up for the Classic Malts newsletter and they feature Dalwhinnie also. So with all this hype, it has to be good right?

Color: it resembles a light beer, a very soft golden color
Body: it is lite and watery
Nose: a smoky vanilla pear, it smelled like a toasted vanilla wafer
Palate: is slightly smoky, vanilla with lots of sweetness on the tongue. I would say it had a noticeable fruit/berry taste but very caramel like with the vanilla. Most people taste vanilla in Scotch, but this was very noticeable. Very pleasant and sweet
Balance: Very short finish but great and easy on the nose and mouth.

Compared to my other Scotches, Dalwhinnie is definitely the sweetest, but delightful! I love my Scotch to be a little sweet and vanilla-y so this one gets my approval. I thought it was kind of interesting; it was watery for a 15 year though. I really enjoyed it and it was so smooth, no bite what so ever. When someone says they hate Scotch I usually give them a Dalwhinnie to see if they change their mind, and they usually do! Good one dad, great drink! I give this sweet whisky an 7.5 of 10.

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